Eyeglass Lenses

We feature a range of advanced prescription eyeglass lenses to meet your visual needs.

Our primary ophthalmic lens suppliers are Hoya Vision Canada, Shamir Canada, Shaw Lens and Centennial Optical.We feature advanced lens designs including:

We feature advanced lens designs including:

  • Single Vision
  • Anti-Fatigue (low-add power single vision)
  • Multifocal lenses (progressives and bifocals)
  • Specialized aniseikona/amblyopia lenses from Shaw Vision

The key to great vision in your glasses

Selecting eyewear is more than a style choice. Do you know all of the important considerations and measurements to optimize your prescription eyewear?

Our opticians and frame stylists provide the optimal frame and lens selection, measurement and advice to maximize your visual experience.

Our advice and services include

  • As-worn eyewear measurements (including PD, OC height, pantoscopic tilt, vertex distance and wrap)
  • Selection of optimal:
    • Lens design
    • Lens material
    • Anti-reflection coating
    • UV protection (lens material and coating options)
  • Optional additions for:
    • Easy-clean coating
    • Anti-static (dust resistant) coating
    • Blue light filter
    • Photochromic (Transitions and other brand) options
    • Anti-fog coatings

Beyond the purchase, are you protected by a lens warranty? We provide a manufacturers warranty on all lenses we sell, including replacement for scratches.