Eyewear Finishing Lab

On-Site Eyewear finishing lab
Campus Vision U of S – On-Site Eyewear Finishing Lab

We are proud to feature an in-house lens finishing lab at all Campus Vision locations! This improves the completion time for your eyeglasses.

We carry a large supply of stock lenses to finish common single-vision prescriptions on site. We can also do 1-hour finishing of certain eyeglass prescriptions using your existing eyewear frame (by appointment only).

The benefit of an on-site finishing lab is that the optician selling you glasses is often the one to position and cut the lenses into the frame, leading to higher quality results.

The heart of our lab is the Huvitz Kaizer series lens edger, tracing and blocking system. The edger is driven by advanced computer software, allowing for precision cutting accuracy down to 0.1mm.

Our edging system is perfectly suited for the production of today’s premium lenses and frames.