Urgent Eye Care

You may find yourself in need of an eye doctor’s services because of a particular eye health concern. For example, red eyes, infection, discharge, discomfort, pain, itch, sudden blur, flashing lights, floating spots, sudden vision changes, double vision, and so on. In some provinces, these visits are an insured service.

Make an appointment, or for more urgent concerns please call us and we will do our best to fit you in. Our doctor will do the appropriate tests based on the patient‘s complaint, and then treat that issue specifically. Occasionally, assessment with a specialist is deemed to be necessary, and the patient is referred to the most suitable specialist.

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More About Urgent Concerns

Usually, if a patient has an urgent concern, and is also due for a routine examination, we will book the medically required examination for one day, and book the patient back for a routine examination at a later date. This is because urgent appointments do not usually allot enough time for a complete/routine examination. Often the condition causing the concern needs to be dealt with before accurate results can be obtained for all of the tests in a routine examination.

How To Book

If you develop an urgent eye concern, please call our office so we can appropriately triage and fit you in. Do not wait to see if it “gets better” as some eye conditions can lead to permanent problems if not diagnosed and treated quickly, while others may not be as urgent.

Our staff are trained to recognize the urgency of the above symptoms and to book appointments within an appropriate time frame. However, our staff cannot provide medical advice, you must see the doctor.

After Hours

If you are unable to make it to our office or if your concern is urgent and after-hours, please go to your local urgent care center, or hospital. Sorry, we are unable to provide after-hours emergency care.