Children and Seniors: Youth under 19 (0–18) and seniors (65+) are covered for one (1) basic eye exam per benefit year (Jul 1 – Jun 30) if received in Alberta. Optometry services received outside Alberta are not covered. Contact lens fittings and services are not covered.

Diabetics: Patients with diabetes (all ages) are covered for an annual eye health check (does not include glasses prescription).

Adults 19-64: Not covered for routine eye exams. The patient, or their private insurer (if applicable), is responsible for paying for services not covered under the AHCIP. Ask your optometrist for details.

Medically Necessary Visits: Alberta residents who require an appointment with an optometrist for a medical condition, episode of illness or trauma, may be eligible for an eye examination. Visits that are typically covered include eye infections, red eye, dry eye, foreign body/debris in the eye, eye pain and sudden vision changes.

Health card, or personal health number and valid government photo identification must be presented at the time of service.

For more information, see the what is covered page on the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan website or call our office.