UBC Vision Insurance

Eye exam and vision insurance coverage for University of British Columbia (UBC) students.


Covered by Pacific Blue Cross policy 43979.

Undergraduate (AMS) and graduate students, your plan covers:

  • $50 every two years toward an eye exam
  • $80 every two years for new or replacement eyeglasses or contact lenses

Campus Vision (UBC location) will direct bill your insurance plan. No specific steps are required in advance, once your insurance is active it is eligible to direct bill. Pay only the balance remaining after insurance coverage! Call us for an appointment today at 604-256-9595.

You must have Canadian provincial health-care coverage or equivalent coverage to make vision claims. For more information please visit studentcare.ca

International Students

New international students at UBC are automatically enrolled in iMED Health Insurance.

iMED is covers the three month waiting period before you qualify for the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP)—or for the duration of your study term if you are a one-term exchange student.

In specific cases the coverage may be for longer than three months (i.e. a one-term exchange student or if you apply for an extension).

In most cases, students covered by iMED are eligible for:

  • One (1) eye exam with an optometrist (the first $70  is covered) every year
  • No eyeglasses/contact lens coverage, except in the case of eye disease or injury (see policy for full details)
  • Some students are also covered by the AMS student insurance which you can use toward glasses or contact lenses

We direct bill iMED so you do not have to wait for reimbursement. You are responsible for any amount not covered by iMED or in excess of the covered amount.

Staff & faculty

Vision coverage depends on your employee group. Most employees are eligible for $250 to $400 every 2 years toward eyeglasses or contact lenses, depending on your employee group. Some plans have a deductible in the range of $25.

For more information, see the UBC Human Resources benefits page.

A Health Spending Account (HSA) is an additional benefit available to IUOE 882 and Management & Professional Staff only, which enhances extended health coverage. The HSA provides an annual credit amount that can be used to pay for a variety of expenses, for eligible employees and their dependents.