Family Medicine Residency Program

Campus Vision is committed to building partnerships and collaborating with other healthcare providers to provide the best possible eye care.

Our partnership with the University of Calgary Family Residency Program is an excellent example of how we are putting interdisciplinary collaboration into practice.

In partnership with the Alberta Association of Optometrists and the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Medicine, we provide family medicine residents with a day of primary eye care training.

Optometrists share their expertise on diagnosis and treatment of common eye problems, and provide residents with valuable hands-on experience. Residents leave with the knowledge of optometry’s role in primary healthcare.

As a patient at Campus Vision U of C, you may be asked whether a family medicine resident physician may shadow your eye exam with the optometrist. While totally optional, it is a wonderful opportunity to allow family physicians to learn more about optometry.

As of 2020, the program is entering its tenth year with a total of 70 residents and 11 clinics participated in the program annually.